Celebrate Halloween with this spooky FX reel from Zoic Studios

Zoic Studios put together their most gruesome and beastly moments just in time for Halloween.

Happy Halloween - wanna watch something scary? This compilation reel from Zoic Studios will do the trick.

The US VFX studio has put together some of their most spine-tingling, bloody, grotesque and altogether horrifying VFX moments over the years. The reel includes clips from their work on such top series as the newly released Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, vampire classic True Blood, plus this year's underrated new season of The X-Files.

Other shows you may recognise include Sleepy Hollow, Falling Skies, Santa Clarita Diet, Hemlock Grove and Exorcist. There are also icky bits from films including the classic ZombielandHidden and Big Eyes.

Zoic recently resurrected Firefly for an anniversary short, and have worked on Game of Thrones and the very Halloweeny A Series of Unfortunate Events. Their excellent effects work then is definitely work a look - but please note, the above video is NSFW.

You have been warned.

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