Blind has creating an elegantly stunning black-and-white music video for the Cinematic Orchestra's cover of Jeff Buckley's Lilac Wine. The video was created for an online celebration of the 50th anniversary of Dr Martens, the shoemaker beloved by indie kids and punks.

The Dr Martens 50th birthday microsite features 10 modern artists covering 10 alternative music tracks from the last 50 years. Each is accompanied by a music video, of which Lilac Wine by Blind director Vanessa Marzaroli is the first.

The video for Lilac Wine is described as 'a black-and-white marriage of music and graphics that flows from the concept of a heartbroken lover writing a letter. A single, delicate Spencarian script line forming the lyrics echoes the song's simple opening chords. As the piece progresses, the words blossom into intricate lines that separate and conjoin to paint pictures illustrating the story.

Lines spiral into and out of frame, seamlessly creating new environments through shifting spacial relationships: The lines of script evolve into the outline of a delicate bird; a fallen teardrop transforms into an ocean teaming with life, as a looping line-drawn fish launches over the surface of the sea.

Throughout the narrative, we catch glimpses of the writer's lost lover as lines intersect to form her silhouette in 2D and 3D, just out of reach. As the song resolves, these many threads of the writer's unconscious mind and memory separate and dissipate, trailing the single line that began the song.'

"We wanted something that beautifully captured the poetry and nuance of this incredible song," noted Marzaroli.

Other artists involved include Buraka Som Sistema (Buffalo Stance), the Noisettes (Ever Fallen in Love with Someone You Shouldn't've), and The Duke Spirit (If the Kids Are United). Videos for these and others by directors including Ace Norton, Anthony Burrill, Matt Dilmore, Klaus Thymann and Jamie Morgan can be found on the Dr Martens 50th birthday microsite. You can also download MP3s of the songs.