Ben & Holly's Game of Thrones titles spoof is delightfully silly

Everyone's trying to cash in on the success of Game of Thrones, but I don't mind when it's as charming and fun as this ad for Nick Jr's pre-school kids cartoon Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom.

Like the Game of Thrones titles, the ad features a map castles and trees that expand and grow, powered by intricate clockwork mechanisms – though there are some key differences, cel-shading to match the cartoon's 2D feel and an expanding mound containing the cave of Ben and Holly's pet ladybird, Gaston, for example.

In fact, the similaritiies pretty much end with the concept. It's unlikely we'll see Ben committing the kind of sadistic acts that Joffrey indulged in, or Nanny Plum being some kind of sex witch.

While I hadn't seen it until early this morning, the ad was created by Nickelodeon UK back in 2013. Nick Jr has clearly used season 5 of Game of Thrones being on TV now as an excuse to put it out again. Which is no bad thing.

The actual Game of Thrones titles (below) were created by Elastic, who also created the best title sequence of last year, True Detective.

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