Artist Jimmy Turrell’s incredible, vibrant music video for Beck’s new single ‘Dear Life’

The new lyric video for Beck’s single Dear Life by multi-media artist Jimmy Turrell is a whole lot of bright colours and shapes cheering up otherwise dull landscapes, in a wonderful contrast.

Jimmy Turrell was commissioned by Capitol Records through Heart Agency to direct the lyric video for Beck’s new track from his album Colours, due for release on October 13. Jimmy worked alongside animation by Computer Team.

Check it out.

Beck wanted the music video to influenced by the iconic shapes and colours notable across Jimmy’s work. Jimmy limited the lyric video to one typeface, which was plastered across cinematic scenes shot in and around LA, as well as macro shots of mundane life, like ants collecting food, or paint and slime in a cloud tank.

It’s a move away from Jimmy’s lyric video for Beck’s WOW released last year, which possessed a more analogue, heavily collaged aesthetic.

And continuing with incredible (and interactive) album art, the Deluxe Vinyl packaging for Beck’s Colours album consists of a case with a central hexagon die cut with coloured shape transparencies. The viewer can remove and change these to create their own bespoke cover. The CD and standard vinyl packaging also features a central hexagon.

Jimmy likes to uses collaging in his work; using second hand books to cut up and repurpose with texture and colour, either traditionally or digitally. Jimmy also paints (realism in watercolour), uses a risograph machine or takes his own photos.  He’s worked for a huge range of clients including The New York Times, The Southbank Centre, Nike and Glastonbury Festival.

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