Brighton based design studio, Artillery has revealed a new set of titles and graphics for Box Television's chart show: This Week's Fresh Music Top 20, which airs on Box channels today and 4Music tomorrowart.

The brief was to come up with a design concept for the reworking of the previous show, retain the idea from the current packaging, with items being gathered together to form the titles. The idea was pushed forward with a more daring conceptual direction, by introducing a physical device made up of social and cultural objects that together, represent the music genre, the show and what the channel is about.

From concept the studio worked closely with The Box on story boards and illustration before bringing the designs to life in 3D. Cinema 4D was adopted for modelling while after effects was used for VFX and grading. The end result delivered is an entire brand for the show includiing all on-screen graphics and navigation elements, titles, bumpers, stings and housings.

The titles can be watched here.