Send season's greetings to people you don't like with Kyle Platts's naughty New Year GIFs

Kyle Platts owned the New Year's banter stakes with his cheeky animations for Instagram and Giphy.

It's the first working day of 2019. You're tired, disorientated and perhaps a little worse for wear. You're probably looking for a caffeine hit or something equally exciting to send to work mates and other less-important people in your life. You know, those peeps who you've yet to pass on New Year's wishes to. Proposed solution? Get your ass on Giphy now to download some naughty little GIFs from Kyle Platts.

Kyle is a London illustrator who we've most recently seen helping to brand Coal Drops Yard down in our home of ol' London town, and here he's turned his talents back to animation for some GIFs that were also up on Instagram as NY Story sticker options.

You can remind everyone what a shit year 2018 was with this handy toilet animation from Kyle.

Likewise you can show your appreciation - or contempt - for the concept of a Dry January this 2019 by literally pissing on its parade.

As you can see, Kyle owned New Year's in the banter stakes. Find all his stickers here - and a happy new year from Digital Arts to all our readers.

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