Smith Micro has released the Anime Studio Curriculum Guide, which it describes as a detailed programme focusing on the 12 principles of animation used by industry professionals around the globe. The company says that these principles are the essential core of any successful animation project, and learning these principles provides a solid framework and foundation for learning how to fully utilize Anime Studio.

The Anime Studio Curriculum includes Anime Studio Debut 6 with files for projects to be completed, video tutorials and assignments for each of the 12 lessons focusing on the core animation principles.

The 12 principles are Squash and Stretch, Exaggeration, Anticipation, Secondary Action, Follow-Through and Over-Lapping, Ease-In & Ease-Out, Arch, Appeal, Straight Ahead and Pose-to-Pose, Timing, Solid Drawing, and Staging.

The Anime Studio Curriculum Guide costs $69.99 (around £49).