Animator Emanuele Kabu’s psychedelic video is a stunning tribute to Lisbon city

The last time we featured Emanuele Kabu it was for his slightly aggressive 31 Ways to Say Fuck Off animated GIF series, but today we feature his new project which is incredibly endearing.

The London-based Italian animator and visual artist has been working on a music video to the new Populous atmospheric track 'Azulejos'. The video is entirely inspired by the beautiful aesthetics of the Portugal capital Lisbon, in which Populous (aka Italian-based musician Andrea Mangia) conjured his new album of the same title. 

The video features a series of animated lines, bold colours, geometric shapes and patterns that roll into each other seamlessly to build striking scenes from the European city of which the song is a heartfelt tribute to. The animation also subtly works to the rhythms of the music. 

Emanuele describes his psychedelic creation as an exploration of the more "mysterious" and "seductive side of the city". It journeys through "Barrio Alto’s narrow lanes, hopping on and off the Alfama tram, sailing down the Tagus river and under the 25 de Abril bridge, all the way to the feet of the Cristo-Rei" (Christ the King Catholic monument).  

Although Lisbon has few remaining buildings from pre-18th century architecture due to an earthquake in 1755, noteworthy designs by Manueline sit in Belem. After the earthquake a new Pombaline style emerged, marked by plain houses and wide avenues. This is evident in the Baixa district.  

The video was made after a long conversation with the musician and Emanuele over their shared love for the city’s streets and atmosphere. They wanted to create a virtual loop tour of the city, from the ocean, around the city then back to the sea. 

Inspiration was drawn from photographs Andrea took of the city, the use of loops in 'Tango' by Zbigniew Rybczynski and 'Star Guitar' by the Chemical Brothers directed by Michel Gondry, for its connection between the music and moving images.  

Emanuele’s illustrations were created in Adobe Flash and edited in After Effects. Using patterns designed on paper produced different textures.  

Within the last year, Emanuele has created animated music videos for Rocket Pengwin, Paper Lights and Delta Club, which are definitely worth checking out

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