Animation studio Agile Films is threatening potential clients with violence

Production houses are often vying to work with the best advertising agencies. But in a city like London where there is ample choice of creative agencies, although this is a great thing, it can be hard to make your voice heard and noticed over others.

Shoreditch-based animation and production company Agile Films has taken a different approach to deal with this – sending through terror-filled short animations to three different advertising agencies based in London – rather than turning on the "charm and sugary bribes to get on the right side".

First targeting some of the best creative companies Lucky Generals, Ogilvy & Mather UK and Mother London, the animations centre around villains with a deadly laser, machine gun and an Octopus that jumps out of the River Thames to rip Ogilvy's offices into the water. 

Agile Films teamed up with creative agency BMB to come up with a campaign featuring a cast of animated mercenaries who issued a "simple ultimatum" – 'send us scripts, or bad things will happen'.

Here’s Agile Films short animation to Lucky Generals.

And to Mother London.

And to Ogilvy. 

Agile Films collaborates with agencies and brands from all points of the workflow – from coming up film ideas from scratch to bringing pre-established scripts or storyboards to life. The team offers post production, live action projects and its own animation and graphics team.

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