Animation reveals how Back to the Future II's hoverboards are made

As you might have noticed from a torrent of stories, it's Back To The Future Day today – the day that Marty McFly travels to in Back To The Future 2.

One of the film's iconic visions of the future is the hoverboard that Marty uses to travel around, a floating skateboard that only recently became reality (kinda). To celebrate the day, Garth Lee has created this charming animation looking at how the hoverboard might have been produced in a factory.

There's a certain Heath Robinson-ness in the factory's process – especially in the robot legs that test each board.

Garth created the animation at Scorch London as part of a project set by the company where their designers had to produce something related to Back To The Future Day that used a new skill they would learn by creating. The other films can be seen here.

For another creative take on Back To The Future Day, see the New Rule Collective's exhibition of posters based around the trilogy of films – or Lexus's attempt to build a real hoverboard. Or this video seeing if the police will really stop you riding not-really-hoverboards.

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