Animade’s comical scuba dive animation has a serious twist

London animation studio Animade, behind free storyboarding web app Boords, gets creative with a humorous studio project involving scuba divers, a party and a serious catastrophe.

Directed by Milo Targett, Dam is an animation that follows a community of scuba divers who are having a party underwater (as you do) with food and drink, before they get caught in sudden disaster.

An ice wall keeping the water in dramatically cracks, and the scuba divers are left floundering around ridiculously in their flippers and black wetsuits.

Animade says the narrative touches on the fragility of relationships when "the bubble bursts", aka the disruption of change, and how "the good times can’t last forever".

Dam is stylistically simple, with line drawings and a stripped back colour palette, similar to the geometric design popular at the moment. The video has no voiceover, but features abstract sound and muffled dialogue composed by Milo and Sonica Studios.

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