AMD launches flagship pro graphics card, the FirePro V8800

AMD has announced today the first of a new family of ATI FirePro professional graphics cards. The company says that the ATI FirePro V8800 is the industry’s most powerful professional graphics card, and the only such card supporting ATI's Eyefinity multi-display technology and Microsoft's DirectX 11.

The ATI FirePro V8800 costs £999 plus VAT and delivers 2.6 teraflops of raw computing power with the highest memory bandwidth (147.2 GB/s) available in any single-card professional graphics solution, according to AMD. This is more than two times the compute power of the previous generation it says, making it the ideal solution for manipulating large and complex photorealistic models in real-time.

More cards are due in the coming months, though AMD isn't releasing details yet. With the FirePro V8800 superceding the V8750 and V8700 models, and the current range including the V7750, V5700, V3750
and V3700 models -- it's not much of a leap to say that the new models are likely to be the V7800, V5800 and V3800.

AMD's ATI Eyefinity technology allows up to four displays to be connected to a single graphics card. With one ATI FirePro V8800, users can drive up to four independent 30-inch displays.

AMD has also announced support for OpenGL cards across some of its FirePro and Radeon boards.

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