Albert the Squirrel seeks The Missing Scarf online

Albert the Squirrel and his troubled friends are set for maximum exposure as The Missing Scarf is released to the wilds of the web.

Eoin Duffy's funny and thoughtful tale of ordinary woodland creatures debating the concerns of life has gathered awards by the bucketload, with its deceptively simple animation narrated by the legendary George Takei.

Written, directed and animated by Duffy using Blender 3D and Adobe's creative tools, the film was produced by Jamie Hogan in conjunction with Belly Creative, The Irish Film Board, RTE and The Arts Council, with score and sound FX by Echolab.

The film has secured 16 international awards, including honours from the San Francisco Film Festival, Savannah Film Festival, Valladolid Film Festival and others, as well as a nomination for the upcoming European Film Awards and being shortlisted for the 2014 Academy Awards.

The latter accolade saw the film selected to participate in the Oscar theatrical release, screening in more than 300 cinemas throughout North America. Now that Duffy has released the film for free online distribution, we expect its popularity to skyrocket. 

“I released the film online so I could screen it to the widest audience possible,” Duffy told Digital Arts. “Our festival year was huge, along with our North America theatrical release. But neither could match up to the audience available online. We're nearing a quarter of a million views in our first week.”

“So limiting the film's availability in order to sell it was never an option. The project housed much more value as a promotional tool than as money making tool.”

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