Aardman's new YouTube channel to share the work of independent animators

Iconic UK animation studio Aardman Animations (best known for Chicken Run, Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep,  Morph) has launched a new YouTube channel dedicated to selecting quality work by independent animators (fresh, and already established) and sharing it to thousands of online subscribers. 

AardBoiled will run alongside Aardman’s 17 other channels. It's purpose is to feature a variety of short, humorous, offbeat animations made by a host of international animators and producers, as curated by the Aardman studios in Bristol. Check out its trailer below to get a feel for the style of content it will feature.

Currently Aardman is only featuring "lesser known" animations from its own studio along with work from well-known creators, but it’s soon to take submissions from "the wider creative community". To get yourself featured under the Aardman logo, you’ll have to be chosen by the 'AardBoiled Panel', established by 10 Aardman directors, producers, content creators, and its YouTube channel managers.

The criteria is simple – content on the channel needs to be "animated, entertaining, and most of all, funny", allowing for a lot of creative freedom. It also needs to be aimed toward an older audience with a minimum duration of 30 seconds. Apart from that, any style of animation can be used, and it can either be a series or a one-off piece.

"Basically, we are looking for funny characters, interesting ideas and silly things that make us laugh," Aardman writes on its new dedicated webpage to AardBoiled.

The studio will be in touch with all creators who’ve submitted work to AardBoiled following the quarterly content review session to confirm whether or not the content will be featured on the YouTube channel, with hopes to provide written feedback where possible.

But in the meantime, one of the first projects to launch on the channel is Weirdy Rhymes – a series originally created by the late director and animator Terry Brain, who's worked on iconic animated film features such as Shaun the Sheep and Chicken Run. The series is directed and produced by his son Dave Brain and Michael Percival.

Alongside Weirdy Ryhmes will be a fresh and original series and shorts, such as Clod (a character who plays with a dog), Rumpus Shorts’ Shred (the dangers of shredding too fast), and Tony Talks. AardBoiled will also re-release comedy classics such as Pib & Pog (Peter Peake) and Big Jeff (Tom Parkinson). Check them out below. 

So what’s in it for me?

Essentially Aardman says it's offering to make your animation visible to thousands of its YouTube subscribers, so it’s providing your work with solid coverage, potential links to the animation industry, its fans and media. At the time of writing, AardBoiled already has more than 11,000 subscribers, and that’s sure to grow. There is a small chance you will be able to earn a little money through advertising revenue, however your video would probably have to get millions of views for that to happen. But above all, it's about facilitating a sharing platform and community among animators who aren't represented by massive agencies. 

"The chief purpose of AardBoiled is to develop new ideas, get exciting new content in front of an appreciative audience and to build a sustainable model for future development," Aardman says.

The YouTube channel is essentially a distribution deal between Aardman and the content creator. This means you’ll have full ownership of your work, while granting the rights for Aardman to distribute your content on YouTube for two years. This means Aardman will be responsible for all distribution costs and the PR of the AardBoiled channel. For more information email [email protected]

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