The 20 artists creating 'digital graffiti' on the white walls of a Florida coastal town

Last year, we visited the Digital Graffiti festival in Florida – where the gleamingly white coastal town of Alys Beach gives itself over to colour after dark. In May, the festival returns again for its tenth year, and the 20 artists taking part have just been announced. You can catch a glimpse at their work below.

From May 19-21, the town’s white walls will again provide screens for projections from artists from around the world – including the UK’s own Helen Marshall. The artists span a wealth of different styles across motion and interactive art – some purely digital and some drawing on photographs and video.

The 20 artists will be competing for prizes including Best of Show – which will win them $5,000 (around £4,075) – a Curator’s Choice ($2,000/£1,630) and three Honourable Mentions ($1,000/£815).

Here's our selection of a few of the artists.

Helen Marshall

Helen Marshall is based in London and has created commissions for Tate Britain, the BBC and The National Memorial Arboretum. She's best known for creating large-scale mosaics.

Susi Sie

Susi Sie works purely with materials and analogue techniques – eschewing CG. She's worked on high-profile projects including the opening ceremony for the Rio Olympics in 2016 (below).

Jonathan McCabe

Hailing from Canberra, Australia, Jonathan McCabe creates hypnotic generative artworks.

Kameron Neal

Kameron Neal is from NYC and knows a thing or two about GIFs.

Linda Loh

This should give you some idea of what to expect from Melbourne-based Linda Loh.

Watch a clip of Lure here.

Luzena Adams

Born in Australia, based in Brooklyn, Luzena Adams is a photographer whose forays into video are strangely hypnotic.

In the week before the festival, three artists will show their work under the banner of the Digital Graffiti Visiting Artist Series. These include last year’s Curator’s Choice winner, Jinku Kim; 2015 festival finalist Krystal Schultheiss; and the winner of first ever Best in Show award, Robert Seidel.

Tickets for the Festival have also gone on sale. You can buy them here.

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