15 Years after Firefly ended, see Serenity fly again in this new reel from the original VFX team

OK, this is from the Serenity film, rather than the Firefly TV show, but there are no good press images of the ship from the show.

It's been 15 years since Joss Whedon's sci-fi classic Firefly ended on TV screens, but the VFX company its brief flame helped launch has commemorated the occasion with a compilation showreel showcasing brand new footage.

The new reel incorporates a sequence showing off a remastered rendition of the show's signature Serenity spaceship, and enough classic moments from the show's run to reintroduce the show to the Netflix generation.

Firefly was the first project Zoic worked on, having been set up in 2002. Since then the studio has flown its flag high in the Prestige TV era, with Digital Arts covering their work on shows like Game of Thrones, Lemony Snicket and True Blood. The newly released reel of their work on Firefly shows how effects work has developed over the last decade and a half, without forgetting the character moments and typical Whedon humour that garnered the show so many fans.

Firefly was billed as a 'Western in space', running for one season before its untimely cancellation on the Fox network. A 2005 movie by the name of Serenity followed the original run on cinema screens, but the Firefly fandom's desire to see the show return one last time hasn't abated one bit. In this age of science-fiction and fantasy frenzy and the surprising return of many a TV staple, who knows what the future may hold?

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