DA: Did you develop ideas together or did JB work on the visual aspect of Inkstrumental only?

M: We like to colaborate, hence we had a kick-off meeting where we spent hours honing the simple concept (a concept that would later grow and grow and nearly pop). It’s important that we all work together, throwing ideas into the pot, seeing where it takes us. Once we had the rough idea, Jon left us to do what we do best. He knew we were capable of bringing it to market and he was happy to let us do our thing. All along he was kept up to date with the ins and outs and progression in real time. He essentially lent us his style and a vision of which we painstakingly brought to life.

DA: How important has the social networking integration been to Inkstrumental? 

M: People love the concept of sharing, it’s been an integral part of the sell in promotion of Inkstrumental, but in all honesty we see the actual amount of people who participate in sharing is around the 2% mark of all users. We see this in all our apps where sharing is a function and therefore the majority of the universe needs to be educated about the joys of sharing.

ustwo Inkstrumental
Flash forward 10 years and everyone will be sharing. And Inkstrumental will eventually hit the top spot.
DA: What promotion have you done?

M: We sacrificed our number one selling MouthOff app in the name of Inkstrumental for a 5 day FreeAppADay.com promotion blitz. During that time we got over 100k MouthOff downloads, all of which highlighted Inkstrumental via a launch popup along with a special Inkstrumental MouthOff mouths. Since turning MouthOff back to paid we are making over £250 a day in MouthOff sales (prior to the promotion we were selling only £40 a day). It continues to promote Inkstrumental to this day and forever more.

ustwo MouthOff

Apple also picked up Inkstrumental on its iTunes App Store. Getting the thumbs up from Apple went a long way to proving to us, and the world, it is and was a great investment.

ustwo Inkstrumental 
DA: Will the iPad be a big influence on future apps from ustwo?

M: Without a doubt! The true power of iPad apps is not fully apparent yet. Right now I see the device as the new kid on the block that everyone is interested in but no one has really got to know well yet. We intend to become its best friend and produce applications that are created specifically for it.

ustwo Inkstrumental

Our first application hit the market on day 1 in the US. Granimator is an iPad and iPhone wallpaper creator and has had 22k downloads to date. In the next few weeks we release the first wave of in app purchasable artist packs that bring some of the biggest names in design straight to the iPad, including the main man Jon Burgerman. What we have created on the iPad only works because of the power the hardware brings.

ustwo Inkstrumental 
Big brands will flock directly to it in a way that took almost a year for the same to happen to the iPhone. This will in turn create more demand and this growing user base is exactly what small design development studios, like us, thrive on.
DA: Finally after all the effort, will we see an Inkstrumental 2 in 2012?

M: I think there is more chance of Inkstrumental 3 coming out first.

(Available from the Apple iTunes App Store, Inkstrumental™ for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad costs £2.39 and requires the iPhone 3.0 Software Update. A dedicated Inkstrumental™ website has just launched showcasing the ability to 'make and share' music via a dedicated YouTube channel. Granimator™ for iPad is free and requires the iPhone 3.2 Software Update or later. Another detailed Macworld profile of ustwo™ can be found here.)