Universal Everything's Flyknit uses a Kinect to turn movement into colourful swirls

When you think of Nike, you may only imagine exhausted runners throwing up on their shoes, but Universal Everything has something just a bit more elegant in mind. Commissioned by Nike, it's created a breathtaking art installation called Flyknit (above) that dynamically uses the human body to generate beautiful images.

Flyknit uses Kinect cameras to capture the motion of nearby observers and then digitally translates the image into swirling, undulating swarms of colours and shapes. Imagine standing near a giant cube that senses your motion and interprets it back to you by displaying colourful, swirling video on each of its four sides, following your motions in a colourful cascade.

Universal Everything and Nike presented Flyknit during Milano Design Week, but the installation will also tour the world under the Nike banner.  The art is intended to reflect Nike's focus on human movement and serve as a gentle promotion tool for their sports products.

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