Take an interactive trip in a Honda Type R in this clever ad with CG & VFX by The Mill

The new interactive Honda ad for its forthcoming Type R model is well worth taking for a spin. You can get an idea of the spot in the video above, and experience it in full here (as we can't embed it).

The Other Side offers a dual narrative that focuses on the family-focussed Civic hatchback and its wilder alter-ego the Civic Type R.

The reflective spot, which employs a simple yet very effective device to switch between two contrasting stories and two cars, was created by Wieden & Kennedy, Stink Digital and Somesuch director Daniel Wolfe, with The Mill providing both the interactive and 3D work required.

The story unfolds in two parallel tales, one set during the day and the other at night. The daytime story sees a father picking his daughter up from school in his white Civic and driving her to a surprise party. By contrast the night-time narrative shows the father’s other side - an undercover cop driving a crew of art thieves to a police sting. While very different in tone, the two stories mirror each other perfectly in their composition.

The interactive campaign means the viewer can switch between the Civic and the Type R narrative, simply by pressing the ‘R’ button on their keyboard. A press of the ‘R’ key puts the director’s cut into the viewers’ hands, allowing them to switch in real time between two mirrored story lines.

The Mill’s 3D team carefully crafted the red Type R concept model, which is not yet available, entirely in CG using CAD data from the initial concepts.

“On set we used a standard Civic in place of the Type R,” explained Lead 3D artist Jon Wood. “This car provided reference and meant that we could use the shadows that it cast onto the ground when recreating the Type R in CG. We created a CG car rig that utilised our Mill procedural system to switch out low resolution to high resolution at render time. This meant our shots were light in file size and super quick to animate.”

The Mill’s Flame team then seamlessly composited the CG vehicle into the night-time narrative to match perfectly with our hero’s daytime alter-ego when switched using the R key.

View the interactive version of The Other Side.

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