Studio Twig delivers branding and a web-based locket builder for bespoke jeweller Loquet

Studio Twig has created a full branding design and website package for Loquet London, a creator of bespoke lockets using charms and precious gems.

Laura Bailey and Sheherazade Goldsmith's Loquet label approached the agency to create brand identities, ethos and brand collateral across all print, packaging, products and environments, as well as website/e-commerce builds.

“From a brand perspective our main objective was to create differentiation,” said Studio Twig Founder Jonathan Twigger. “Sheherazade and Laura had a strong vision of what Loquet needed to be, trust was built quickly between Studio Twig and encouraged creativity.”

Twigger continues: “Through the initial briefing we discussed how the brand needed an eclectic mood, representative of the stories and emotions people imbue on this kind of product. This informed the art direction, brand mark and general vernacular. We created a custom typeface as an extension of this idea to help create a more consistent and recognisable tone of voice.”

Studio Twig crafted a unique Loquet logo type with a marque that can be extracted and used alone. A bespoke font was created to convey the tone of voice of the brand.

As part of the project, the agency custom-built a unique Loquet website to represent the life and soul of the brand..

“Website shopping experiences are becoming primary brand experiences as consumers are becoming more comfortable spending large sums of money online,” said Twigger. “Studio Twig used the best browser and device technologies to enhance the online shopping experience.”

He continued: “Developing a unique website for Loquet has allowed the brand to stand out in a crowded market place. The essence of the jewellery is encasing keepsake precious stones and charms within a gold and glass 'loquet' to keep a secret and tell a story.”

As part of the site, an interactive online locket and chain builder allows consumers to create pieces of jewellery online as if it were right there in front of them.

“It was created using a physics model called Box 3D , a technology normally used in gaming,” explained Twigger. “[Integrating it] with Magento has created a retail application that is not only an easy method of choosing and shopping the product but has made it fun too.”

Studio Twig also designed and art directed the 2014 Loquet lookbook. “The idea was to set out and create a natural atmosphere,” said Twigger. “The use of modest props and casual compositions led to the final result feeling authentic, understated and on brand.”

Studio Twig continues to create visual merchandising inline with Loquet’s business strategy, ensuring all aspects of the Loquet brand are seamless across all channels. Various pieces of collateral have been produced to support events and for store concessions. Recent work includes standalone displays, counter furniture, animation and film.

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