See how Found built an interactive room with Oculus Rift

Check out this video of Found Studio exploring the potential of virtual reality for creating immersive experiences.

‘The Room’ is an internal R&D project created using the Oculus Rift.

The studio wanted to combine tactile, real worlds with virtual environments and experiment with a feeling of stepping inside a parallel universe, but based on the same room the viewer is sitting in.

In a realtime animation and interactive experience not unlike seeing a poltergeist at work, objects rise and pop out of drawers when the user focuses their attention upon them.

When they look around they discover that everything has become twisted and distorted.

The team took multiple reference photos of the room enviroment and recreated it and the objects within it using Cinema 4D. 

Animation and interactive states were then added to the objects in the virtual environment.

Found said it had gained valuable feedback from this research and is pushing on with further development into the field of VR.

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