Secret's 'dens' let groups create anonymous cliques

Secret has already worked its way into workplaces and schools with its addictive brand of anonymity, but now the iOS and Android app is getting a little more exclusive with new "dens" just for organizations.

Your employer or school can ask Secret to create a den where you and your colleagues or fellow students can share secrets. The app is still based on nearby anonymous submissions, but now Secret will surface posts in your stream that have been submitted to your den. But the dens are invite-only, and any den member can delete you.

Secret said Monday that dens are slowly rolling out, beginning with a handful of unnamed companies. The startup is accepting requests from interested organisations.

Does Secret make bullying easier?

Using Secret for specific groups, like college campuses or tech startups, simply makes official how people have already been using Secret. But the potential for abuse is incredibly high. Anonymous contributors regularly use the app to post mean comments about their bosses or companies, and that practice will only become more popular with the advent of dens.

As with all anonymous apps, bullying is a key issue for Secret. It's unclear what role dens will play in preventing (or encouraging) people who are being terrible to each other, but Secret cofounder David Byttow has maintained that his team will keep a close eye on activity in the app.

The good news is that anything you post to a Secret den is only viewable by other den members, and those members can't share your posts beyond the group. A Secret is still sort of secret, at least. For now.

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