Quayola & Memo Akten create interactive animated installation for Cultural Olympiad

As part of the Cultural Olympiad programme that piggybacks arts projects to this year's Olympics, Quayola (aka 'dQ') and Memo Akten have created a multiscreen digital artwork for the National Media Museum.

Forms is part of the In the Blink of an Eye: Media and Movement exhibition . It's a generative animation and interactive installation will display at the Museum from today until September 2. Watch a video of the installation below.

Forms explores themes surrounding the capture and synthesis of movement. Quayola and Memo responded to this and the images and artefacts from the museum’s National Collections that feature within the exhibition. A large projection of the animation will be displayed within the space, with a smaller split screen mounted on a plinth just in front to show not only the original footage of athletes on which each animation is based, but also the individual layers of that animation, which can be digitally peeled back by the viewer.

The animation analyses and abstracts human movement at the extremes of possibility. Rather than directly visualise the path of the body and the movement, it explores the relationships between the human body, its movements and the trajectories it defines through time and space.

CG models based on clips of Commonwealth athletes were matchmoved in 3D Studio Max and processed through a custom generative software to retrieve motion data and create the related abstract geometric visualisations.

You can watch a video interview with Quayola and Memo Akten, created by the installation's production company Nexus Interactive Arts, below


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