Quark reduces App Studio price for InDesign users

Quark has announced that it has lowered the price of its App Studio service specifically for its Adobe InDesign users. App Studio lets creatives produce digital publications for tablets such as the iPad – such as magazines, books, annual reports and brochures. Prices now start at £69.99 a month or a one off single-issue app can now be created for £139.95 per app. The pricing plans can be seen here.

Previously InDesign was only supported in its Multi-Issue Premium Plan for £349.95 per month. The compnay has now allowed InDesign support with its Multi-Issue Pro plan, bringing the cost for InDesign users into line with the price for QuarkXPress users.

Designers using App Studio can use the layout tools they already know to create interactive content for tablet and smartphones without having to code.

Quark has also emphasised the difference between Quark and Adobe's offerings. The company explained that App Studio creates second generation apps that are HTML5 based rather than using PDFs with static images and overlays.

"This means richer, real-time interactivity, smaller file sizes, content is not locked in a proprietary file format and the many other benefits of HTML5," explained Quark's vice president of marketing, Gavin Drake.

"So while its fair to compare Adobe DPS as a digital publishing solution, in our view customers are getting a superior, more engaging app experience with App Studio apps," Drake added.

Regular editions prove popular

Drake also clarified that while Adobe's Creative Cloud subscribers get the opportuntiy to create a single edition app, "Most of the activity and interest tends to be in Multi-issue apps, which start at £282 per month for Adobe DPS (not included with Creative Cloud) and include only 1/4 of the number of issue downloads compared to the £69.95 App Studio Multi-Issue Pro plan."

"So you're looking at an additional £1,700 purchase of issue downloads on top of the £282 per month for Adobe DPS to just get to the equivalent App Studio package," he added.

"I don't believe there is a comparable digital publishing solution for InDesign that now comes even close to the App Studio Multi-Issue Pro plan and if you want Single Edition apps with the the HTML5 advantages and without having to commit to Creative Cloud indefinitely, then App Studio is a great no commitment option for those too (and works with CS5, CS5.5 and CS6 so customers can continue with their current versions)," Drake concluded.

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