Play the retro 8-bit dating naked adventure game by The Uprising Creative

The Uprising Creative has developed Love's a Beach, a 8-bit mobile and browser game to promote VH1 series Dating Naked in the US.

The retro game invites players to choose two avatars that run, raft and ride together through various levels of a tropical paradise for fun and a top-spot on the global leaderboard. Scores and game images are easily shared on social media.

For Uprising, the project was led by digital director Benjamin Miles and account director Justin Hoot.

"I think we managed to develop a hilarious interactive project that is also an impressive and thorough mobile and desktop web game," said Miles. "We worked hard to create something that encourages re-playability and skill-building, and it looks like those efforts are paying off."


According to Miles and Hoot, VH1's digital team came to them with the idea for a retro, 8-bit game that perfectly reflected the show's brand and energy. It also needed to encourage repeat play and have shareable content for social media. With Miles as the game's designer, the team's first focus was on the overall concept.

"We felt strongly that an endless-runner style game with simple one-touch controls, wrapped in a custom pixel art style, would achieve the goals," Miles added. "For the core mechanics, we reached back to the Nintendo years to draw inspiration for scoring and on-screen interaction with the elements."

Hoot explained that the game was made in the Phaser open source Javascript framework– a WebGL HTML5 game engine. "All the custom game code on top of the framework was developed by our programmers, who focused on allowing users to have the most fun possible with the great pixel art our artists created," he said.

The game's music is by Ary Warnaar from the band Anamanaguchi.

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