Play being a digital Dr Frankenstein with this bonkers web game

Animade has created a bright, bold interactive animation that's a whole lot of weird fun. Play FrankenSim here.

Born in the bold flat colours and simple gradients popular in illustration in the last few years, FrankenSim casts you as a digital Dr Frankenstein (the web toy's alternate title is Tools for the Postmodern Prometheus). On a retro desktop reminscent of the old Mac OS 9, you have a series of body parts to open, connect and explore.

Eyes open and follow your cursor, brushing hair reveals lice and you can even pluck hairs from the nose's nostril. Gross but fun nonetheless.

FrankenSim was built using React, Flux and SVG images. It was designed and directed by Milo Targett, and is a semi-sequel to his Lido Sim.

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