New VR: 5 new virtual reality and augmented reality projects to inspire you

Following the formal launch of the anyone-can-buy-it version of the Oculus Rift last week, we've seen a wealth of VR projects. Many of these have been shown at the E3 games show in Los Angeles – where Microsoft also showed augmented reality games using its HoloLens hardware – but we've seen some innovative virtual reality from a variety of regions.

Neuro for GE

Not everything shown at E3 was for a games company. Neuro (above) was created for consumer brand GE by VR studio Kit and Lightning, through digital agency Deluxe.

Neuro is a five-minute film featuring a neurological world set to music – and featuring a CG version of Ladytron's Reuben Wu.


Godling is a VR-based god game for the PS4, using that console's Project Morpheus VR tech. Video of the game appeared and disappeared very quickly from YouTube – likely creators Reykjavik-based VR studio Sólfar jumped the gun publicising it – but we've still got some tantalising screenshots (above) and a short description.

You begin as a 'toddler god' in a beautiful world of plants and animals – which you can develop or destroy at your whim

The Room

Created by Found Studio as an R&D project, The Room uses virtual reality and a retro installation to create two worlds that echo each other.

Lucid Trips

Lucid Trips is a 'virtual reality art game' that's designed to work with the hand controllers that are paired with the latest generation of VR headsets: including the Oculus Rift's Touch, HTC Vive and Sony's Project Morpheus.

The worlds of Lucid Trips are divided into planets, with the first – called 'Whateverland' – featuring interactive artworks by German artists incliuding Neo Rauch and Daim.

Halo for HoloLens (and Minecraft)

Microsoft showed off a version of its Halo shooter for its HoloLens AR headset. Find out if it was any good in our Halo for HoloLens hands-on preview.

It also reshowed Minecraft for HoloLens, which is still the best AR demo we've seen.

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