The Literary Platform is a new website dedicated to showcasing projects experimenting with literature and technology, and brings together comment from industry figures and thinkers.

The new site includes case studies from around the world and comment pieces from author Kate Pullinger, Charles Beckett (Arts Council England), Chris Meade (if:book), Robin Harvie (The Friday Project), Chris Stevens (creator of Alice for the iPad), poet Ralph Rochester and Peter Collingridge (Enhanced Editions).

The founder and editor of The Literary Platform, Sophie Rochester, says it will demonstrate how traditional publishers and developers are trying out multimedia formats, how established authors are going it alone, how first-time novelists are bypassing publishers and how niche literary magazines are finding wider audiences. It will also feature articles and interviews from writers, publishers and other key thinkers in this area.

The website, by Sam Oakley, was designed using a 16 column grid structure to feel like an online version of printed journal.