The Neighbourhood creates interactive digital installation for Manchester International Festival

Visitors to can interact with The Neighbourhood's installation in real-time.

Manchester-based creative studio The Neighbourhood has created an interactive digital installation to celebrate the Manchester culture as part of the Manchester International Festival this month.

The New Work All Play installation, created in collaboration with Bruntwood, is combines multiple platforms: digital installation, projection mapping, animation and social media. It's a 5ft tall 3D structure that has been hand-built from laser cut planes to form the shape of a human head.

Footage from Manchester International Festival, specially created animations and images of Manchester's culture and society are constantly being projected onto the installation. That's 24-hours a day, seven days a week until 21 July when the Manchester International Festival ends.

During this time, the New Work All Play installation is being live-streamed via the web for anyone to interact with. Visitors to can fill in the word game to have their activity projected onto the installation in real-time for anyone viewing the installation to see.

Creative Technologist from The Neighbourhood, Alex Hillel, said: "The experience combines the digital and physical, giving users on the web a unique opportunity to interact with a live light projected installation, and see the results of their actions through an online video stream, in real-time."

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