Monument Valley sequel out on November 13, includes 8 new levels

Beautiful iOS game/experience Monument Valley has proved phenomenally popular – winning plaudits from creatives and non-creatives alike of all ages (both my Mum and my three-year-old daughter are big fans).

Demand for new levels – or a sequel of some description – has been high, and after seven months of hard work, Ustwo Games has announced that Monument Valley: Forgotten Shores will be available for iPhone and iPad through the App Store from November 13 (next Thursday to you and me).

The news was announced in a video (above).

Monument Valley: Forgotten Shores

Monument Valley: Forgotten Shores offers eight new chapters on top of the original's 10, and will be available as an in-app purchase through the original game, rather than as a standalone app. No pricing has been announced, nor news on if/when the new chapters are coming to the Android version.

In Monument Valley you guide a princess called Ida through a series of isometric enviroments that you can manipulate to help her get round puzzles. Inspired by the likes of MC Escher, the design of the puzzles means that you're constantly delighted by what you uncover – which has been a large part of the game's success. 

Back in April, we interviewed the Ustwo Games team about the creation of Monument Valley. You can watch the interview below and learn more in our feature on it here.

Ustwo is also working on a game for Samsung's phone-based virtual reality headset Gear VR called Land's End. You can watch our interview with the team about this below.

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