Mag+ 4.1 adds new interactive app design tools

Mag+ has released the 4.1 update to its InDesign-based toolset for designing digital content for tablets and smartphones.

The update includes a number of new features aimed at giving designers more freedom in building their digital content, including native panning and zooming features, the ability to create separate vertical and horizontal layouts (in addition to Mag+’s dual-orientation pinning feature) and the ability to disable the thumbnail navigation and swiping.

“When you turn off swiping, and just use jump links to move around the app, you suddenly have something that doesn’t feel at all like a magazine,” says chief creative officer Mike Haney. “Now any kind of app can use Mag+ to build its content.”

The company also released an iOS SDK in November, which allows companies to build their own apps around Mag+’s core reader and backend components.

The Mag+ toolset can be downloaded free at, and the corresponding Reviewer App, which lets you review your work in real-time, can be downloaded free from the iTunes Store.

Mag+ has also released a series of tutorial videos to show off the new tools.

Dual layout

Native Pan and Zoom

Improved pop-ups


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