Mag+ has released version 3.0 of its software, adding tools for embedding music into tablet publications and sharing via Twitter and email. Mag+ uses an InDesign plug-in and online tools to create interactive publications for 10-inch tablets including the iPad and Android 3.0 tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Designers can make an in-app playlist of tracks embedded in an issue, so users can listen to the issue’s 'soundtrack' anytime by playing and pausing from the app’s navigation bar. The update also offers inhanced issue navigation, including previews of a page’s vertical scrolling length; new embedded issue previews; customisable banners and menu system in the in-app store; and social sharing with support for preview images and custom URLs.

Mag+ has also tweaked the interface. Here's the skinny from the company's 'Mike' on its blog.

"The first change you’ll notice is that we’ve redesigned the navigation menu, with cleaner icons that are still fully customizable, and a new optional branded bar at the top, making it even easier to really make the app feel like yours. We’ve also made some real improvements to the thumbnail “scrubber,” or preview, at the bottom. It now includes a scroll bar to move quickly through an issue, as well as “page” numbers so you know exactly where you are, and the vertical and issue name.

"We’ve also tweaked the little graphics that appear when you turn the page, adding what we’ve been calling the “teeth”—icons that indicate where in the issue you are and how deep that vertical is. Finally, in a move I’m ashamed to admit I resisted too long, you can now access the menu with a simple single tap on the screen. And the old long-press and two-finger-push-up still work as well."

Mag+ has also added a low-cost one issue/one app solution called Mag+ Go for £150 per app (Adobe announced something similar for its Digital Publishing Suite at its MAX conference in October). The also new Mag+ Lead is aimed at larger publishers.

Mag+ tools are free to download. with no upfront costs. Mag+ Go allows creation of a single application with single issue for £150 (which would be most applicable for standalone publications for clients for books. Mag+ Grow is aimed at traditional monthly magazines, and costs £1,700 for a branded app and the first five months of publishing – then £350 per month. You can publish as many issues as you like per month, and you're charged only for months you publish in (which mean quarterly publications won't have to pay per month).

Mag+ Lead is for publishers with multiple applications producing multiple issues, and costs £1,900 a month.