Love or hate Laphroaig whisky? See your opinion projected onto the distillery's wall

Laphroaig – you either love it or hate it. Now, for one week only, you can let the world know how you feel.

White Label is running a global marketing campaign with two opportunities for people to celebrate their opinions (good or bad) on the distinctive single malt whisky from the Isle of Islay.

The new #BIGOPINIONS campaign, which launched on Monday, invites friends and foes of the brand to tweet their views on the whisky.

The best of these opinions are being projected on to the wall of Laphroaig’s iconic Warehouse No.1 at Port Ellen on Islay until July 25th.

The opinions are writ large on a space measuring 20m in length, every night.

The idea behind the campaign is to inspire whisky drinkers to share their personal Laphroaig tasting notes, by showcasing the often offbeat and unique descriptions that members of ‘Friends of Laphroaig,’ the brand’s loyalty group, have provided over the years, as well as first-time Laphroaig drinkers.

With authentic descriptions like, “Smells like medicine. Tastes like soil. My whisky of choice,” the campaign has been bought to life through print, a microsite, social media and via video content. To date, the campaign has received over 8,200 opinions from across 80 countries.

For #BIGOPINIONS, White Label teamed up with Projection Artworks to tap into Twitter’s API, developing a proprietary three-way capture system that enables real-time two-way communication between Laphroaig and its fans.

Projection Artworks is using a Europasat satellite to ensure adequate bandwidth, rather than relying on existing infrastructure. A live feed has been set-up using the Livestream service (the first point of capture), which will allow users to log-on to see their tweet being typed out and projected against the distillery wall.

A separate camera also captures automated individual video and photographic content (the second and third points of capture). This enables two-way communication, by letting the brand engage with consumers’ tweets and then respond in real-time, with personalised videos and photos that can be further shared across the Twitter users’ various social channels.

Photography and videography of each opinion will be captured and sent to the individuals who submitted them via Twitter, encouraging them to share it further on their personal social channels.

There’s also the 200 Opinions Wanted competition, seeking the best 200 opinions of 2015, which will be immortalised as individual tiles on a special wall at the Laphroaig distillery.

You can view the projection on Islay through the live feed hosted on the Laphroaig microsite

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