IIB Studio maps the data of Your Life on BBC Earth

BBC Earth, a new digital home for the BBC's natural history content, has launched in the UK.

It features the BBC's first personalised and shareable dashboard of info-rich data visualisations, called Your Life on Earth, created by IIB Studio.

Using the dashboard, site visitors entering their age, height and gender are presented with dynamically populated visualisations of key global changes that have taken place since they were born.

Three key sets of data are represented: how man has changed; how Earth has changed; and how man has changed the Earth.

The BBC Earth website is live in the UK and internationally, with the international version carrying advertising.

Duncan Swain, creative partner at IIB Studio said the site had been a very ambitious project. "BBC Earth is a fantastic repository for all the amazing natural history content that the BBC has, and we have created a hugely shareable and beautiful collection of bespoke visualizations to tell the story of Your Life on Earth. Each personalised element, as well as the overall piece, can be shared individually across social networks, helping to drive awareness of BBC Earth’s digital presence and rich content."

"We are very excited about this latest addition to the BBC Earth family," said Matt Walker, editor for BBC Earth. "The website is an incredibly rich destination for natural history and everyone with a curious mind and an interest in the world around them."

"IIB Studio understands the importance of developing strong stories that will appeal to a broad audience and how to make the natural world data compelling and thought-provoking. The data visualisations are beautifully dynamic and very ambitious in terms of the scale of data points involved."


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