HUSH creates a unique audiovisual experience in its offices

New York-based design agency HUSH have shamed those of us who dressed up our office with a poster since New Year. They have just completed Lenses – a dazzling, unique merge of light sculpture, music and interaction. 

To inspire visitors, HUSH’s installation uses prisms, light and sound to represent the interplay of ideas between their designers, architects, musicians and technologists – creating a ‘warm, ambient soundscape’ with hypnotising, dreamy lights, whilst paying a tribute to influential industrial designer Dieter Rams.

“Most of the team, including myself, are inspired by the simplicity of minimalist light installations and big fans of reflecting and refracting light,” says HUSH creative director, Jodi Terwilliger.

“We wanted to take a technological approach to something primitive and apply it in a way that’s both graphic and architectural. Using light and prisms afforded us a beautiful and poetic way to achieve this.”

Hopefully the team will be able to pull their friends and partners away from the piece long enough for them to get on with being inspired.       

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