How this interactive Adventure Time installation was created by Hellicar&Lewis

The design duo take us behind-the-scenes on the creation of An Ooo Experience, where you're transformed into Jake, Finn, Marceline or Princess Bubblegum.

The installation features a large LED screen and a Microsoft Kinect sensor to track the movement of players. Players stand in front of the screen and first choose which character they wish to play. They then go on an adventure through The Candy Kingdom playing a series of short games where they shoot magic from their fingers, move mountains, help grown trees made of candty floss, bring rainbows to life and defeat the Nightosphere – ending in a dance party surrounded by many of their favourite characters.

In the video above, Hellicar&Lewis discuss their creative process for the installation at their R&D workshop, revealing the motion- and skeleton tracking system behind the experience. Below you can see it in action at a shopping centre in the West Midlands last weekend.

If you want to have play with it, it’s coming to Lakeside in Essex (June 18-19), Manchester Andale Centre (June 25-26), MetroCentre Gateshead Newcastle (July 2-3) and Braehead in Glasgow (July 9-10).

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