How Heinz and Cillit Bang are turning Captchas into games

Heinz and Reckitt Benckiser claim that online visitors are bored with standard Captcha security systems, so they are playing games with them instead.

The two companies are the first clients of the newly launched Future Ad Labs, which is seeking to engage online audiences with its new advertising format PlayCaptcha.

The deal will see Heinz and Reckitt Benckiser use Future Ad Labs' PlayCaptcha system to "increase brand engagement and improve overall consumer sentiment and product recall", said Future Ad Labs.

Captchas are a common security feature that forces website visitors to rewrite distorted words to prove that they are human and not a computer bot. They are commonly found when buying tickets online or completing a sign-up form.

At least 300 million Captchas are completed daily, which equates to 150,000 human hours wasted every day, according to research from Scientific American.

Better than Captcha

PlayCaptcha offers an alternative to traditional Captchas by providing a "more enjoyable and fun user experience".

For example, the Future Ad Labs team has developed a PlayCaptcha for Heinz that invites visitors to pour a virtual bottle of salad cream onto a sandwich, instead of being forced to decipher hard to read text.

For Reckitt Benckiser, the team has developed a PlayCaptcha that persuades visitors to clean a virtual dirty penny by dragging it into a bowl of Cillit Bang.

"For both Heinz and Cillit Bang, PlayCaptcha delivers engagement rates many times higher than traditional digital advertisement formats, while providing a better user experience for web page visitors," claims Future Ad Labs.

Ian McCarthy, marketing head at Heinz, said: "The success rates of PlayCaptcha are undeniably impressive and we are thrilled to be one of the early adopters of such innovative technology.

"Through our partnership with Future Ad Labs we aim to deliver a fun and engaging experience for our consumers, while also increasing brand sentiment."

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