In the past Dreamweaver wasn’t great at working on sites driven by standard content management systems such as WordPress. Dreamweaver CS5 changes that by allowing discovery of linked files, so you can take a live blog with a stock WordPress theme and edit it.

This is not only good for experienced web designers – for whom it makes editing sites easier – but for artists who aren’t coders, it’s a simple way to visually add a bit of creative sparkle to your blog. There are thousands of stock blog templates available online and it’s really easy to customise these in Dreamweaver.

To do this, select the index file for your site and set Dreamweaver to auto-discover linked files, providing easy access to all the elements of your site and its template. Enable Live View and click Inspect to browse through the CSS for elements as you hover over them. You can edit these CSS properties and see them update live.

Other highlights in Dreamweaver CS5

  • Enhanced support for Subversion version-control, including ongoing upgrade support via the extension manager.
  • Better CSS templates.
  • Improved PHP support.
  • Faster site setup.
  • Enhanced CSS inspectors and visual display of the box model in Live View mode.

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