How Critical Mass redesigned the cash machine for Citibank

The new touchscreen interface uses modern UX principles to make ATMs easier and faster to use.


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Eric Nowina said: Consider that the hardware didn't change w/ the design and it had to run on a broad range of ATM machines, some potentially running hardware/software more than a decade old.

Ed Cabral said: Article is like 2 paragraphs. The design screen examples only like 3 or 4 pages. Not enough to tell if it is innovative or not. I wouldn't judge without the looking at entire scope. CMASS is a great Digital agency. Best in the world!

none available said: I see the experience has been optimized to basic standards set forth years ago in regards to interactive applications, but I don't quite see how they introduced innovation the experience in any way.

Between2Ferns said: Aside from making better bottons and colors, how is this innovative?

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