Google adds Flash-to-HTML5 conversion extension to Adobe Flash Pro

Google is enabling developers who use the Adobe Flash Professional interactive design tool to convert their animations to HTML5 via an extension based on Google's Swiffy conversion technology.

The debut follows in the wake of Adobe's revelation last week that it would cease work on its mobile Flash Player, opting instead for HTML5 and the Adobe AIR runtime as a way for Flash applications to reach mobile devices. Google's Swiffy Extension for Flash Professional trails the July introduction of Swiffy for converting Flash SWF files to HTML5.


"One of our main aims for Swiffy is to let you continue to use Flash as a development environment, even when you're developing animations for environments that don't support Flash," said Esteban de la Canal, Google software engineer, in a blog post. "To speed up the development process, we've built the Swiffy Extension for Flash Professional. The extension enables you to convert your animation to HTML5 with one click (or keyboard shortcut)."

The tool, Google said, makes it easier to use Flash to develop HTML5 animations. Available for both Mac and Windows, the extension uses Swiffy as a Web service for accessing the latest conversions.

While Adobe has backed off of Flash on mobile devices, the company still is continuing with Flash on the desktop, where the rich Internet plug-in has become ubiquitous on websites. But HTML5, providing a standards-based way to build Web applications with multimedia capabilities, has been gaining acceptance not only at Adobe, but at Apple and Microsoft as well.


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