New Freeway 7 focuses on responsive web design

Freeway 7 now offers responsive web design, able to create sites that will adapt to display properly on devices such as phones, tablets, laptops and more.

Developer Softpress said it was now easy to accommodate those different device layouts for a site, without the use of separate pages for each device.

The software’s WYSIWYG approach on the Mac OS X platform means users can create original websites and e-mail newsletters without having to code, by manipulating 'box elements' of text, images or videos as required. Freeway 7 then automatically translates these elements into the necessary code for publishing to the web (or to e-mail newsletter format) automatically.

Freeway 7 also now offers automatically generated navigation menus, containing all the pages in a site completely automatically. Freeway 7’s new styling tools will enable users to add candy striping effects, transparency, and fine-tuned control over table cell borders, without having to rely on custom CSS. There’s also improved search engine optimisation and social network integration, allowing users to easily add descriptions, images, and other information to be used by Google, Facebook and Twitter to each of the pages.

Freeway 7 also continues to incorporate dynamic functionality such as e-commerce, multimedia, and navigation menus.

With the launch of Freeway 7, Freeway Express (the simplified version of the Freeway web design software) will now be available as a free download. Both are available now from the Softpress website

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