Framestore launches VR content creation studio

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FrameStore is opening the world’s first VR and Immersive Content Studio, following the success of its Game of Thrones VR exhibition for Relevent and HBO using Oculus Rift (above and below) – which we saw at this year's SXSW show in Austin Texas.

The division aims to offer its services for similar projects to the company's across all of its US and European offices.

Framestore said it was already building a state-of-the-art space in its New York office to accommodate a variety of cutting-edge equipment that will deliver everything from the creation of original VR content to direction to creative strategy.  

“Framestore marries the physical and virtual worlds in creating genuinely immersive experiences – as uniquely seen in Gravity and HBO's Game of Thrones experience” said Jon Collins, Framestore’s president of integrated advertising worldwide. “We've honed our exclusive capabilities and understanding of emerging technology to near-perfection to create the most experienced team in VR content today. Many of our clients leaned on us more heavily and at earlier stages in the creative process. This opened our eyes to the possibilities of how we could collaborate on innovative storytelling and inspired us to develop a formal VR service for our clients that draws on the skillsets of Framestore’s four pillars: live action, digital, design and VFX.”

The studio will have its own dedicated team including producers, creatives, developers and artists. Global head of digital, Mike Woods, who will be spearheading the division, said, “The new studio and our breadth of experience in immersive content will allow us to explore a whole new territory and make magic in ways most people can’t even fathom yet.”

Mike continued, “For the past five years, we’ve had a team dedicated to working solely in game engine technology and completely refining non-linear storytelling traits and techniques. Now, we have the opportunity to combine that innate ability to convey a story with an incomparable understanding of new technology. We’re reaching an intriguing crossroads where users have the ability to control and interact with imagery of the highest quality, and we can’t wait to see where we can go with that. The holodeck awaits.”

We first spoke to Mike about immersive projects when Framestore created installations including a Microsoft Kinect-driven body scanner to check attendees for alien lifeforms at Secret Cinema's immersive take on Prometheus in 2012.


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