Elia Felices creates 'holographic' mirrors with Turkish-inspired designs

Elia Felices Interior Design has developed a concept 'holographic' mirror that it's pitching to hotels, spas and homes.

Designs are precisely traced on the mirror's surface, and patterns are built up by sequences of microdot LEDs with different formats to give the sensation of depth and relief associated with holograms. The firm says that the method produces an effect in which the light transmits different sensations to the observer depending on the point of view.

The dotting technique also creates variations according to the distance of the observer. From a distance the patterns resemble lacework, but the 3D effect gradually emerges as the viewr approaches

When the white or blue microdots are turned on, the peripheral ambient lighting they provide creates a distinctive environment, says the creators. The light is stronger where the dots are overlayered, so these points can create constellations of lights.

The first collection uses geometric figures drawn from Turkish culture, especially Turkish baths.

"These are usually decorated in a Moorish style with elaborate geopmetrical figures and a central skylight for overhead lighting," says Elia Felices. "These features inspired us to create some singular designs."

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