Self-publishing service Blurb has made its first step into the ebook market by adding tools for creating ebooks for Apple’s iPad and iPhone.  Blurb says that its ebooks are optimised to display images and text beautifully, and are created using Blurb’s current bookmaking tools, Bookify and BookSmart.

Blurb says that any book previously created with these tools can now be produced as an ebook, automatically, with a click of a button. However, books created using the company's InDesign plug-in can't use this yet, nor those using the company's PDF to Book service. These are expected in the second iteration of the ebook service in the near future. The ebooks support two-page spreads, pinch and zoom capabilities and uncompressed images.
Blurb's ebook service is priced at £1.49 per download.  Like all Blurb books, ebooks can be listed for sale at the Blurb bookstore. Authors can set their own price and keep 100% of the mark-up from sales.