Blippar debuts Blippbuilder AR creation tool

AR (augmented reality) platform Blippar has opened the doors of its Blippbuilder AR content creation tool, so any advertising or creative agency can it to build experiences that can be accessed within the Blippar app. Previously it was only available to larger agencies who partnered with Blippar – though it’s still being sold on a price-on-application basis rather than with an upfront scheme.

The online Blippbuilder tool aims to make it easy to put add interactive digital elements to flat physical objects: from magazines to packaging (above) to games. For the end user, it works like traditional AR – the physical object informs them to open the Blippar app on their smartphone or tablet and point its camera at the object. When the user does this and looks ‘through' their device at the object, they can see digital elements overlaid on the object: buttons, images, video and the like.

Blippar says that the online tool is entirely automated so coding is necessary. Elements are dragged and dropped onto the tool and customised within it.

Features in Blippbuilder (above) includes web-linking, opinion polling, photo sharing, music playing, the ability to watch videos within the app and the possibility to include a photo gallery. There are a choice of animation options, with the ability to determine how the interactive content appears upon recognition (for example fade, slide, hover, pop, or pulse) plus the distance ‘off’ the marker, creating a 3D layered effect.

Analytics tools include real-time metrics, allowing agencies and clients to gauge the level and depth of engagement and interaction.

JWT has been using Blippbuilder previously. Xavier Obon, JWT’s director of emerging platforms, says that “based on our experience, we truly believe this tool will unlock new creative opportunities, allowing agencies and brands to bring to life their ideas in a very quick and simple way.”

"The tool also gives you access to data analytics so it is easier than ever to monitor your campaign performance and update it accordingly when needed. The launch of Blippbuilder is another step closer to making Blippar the defacto AR platform for advertisers."

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