Benetton's Colors magazine has been at the forefront of interactive design, being the first title of use video-based augemented reality. Now it's new and back issues are coming to the iPad. Issue 1 will appear later this month, with the issues up the current and future ones to follow.

Created by Fabrica, Benetton's 'communication research centre' -- think a cross between an ad agency, multi-disciplinary design studio and publishing house -- Colors is a 'brand title', a magazine about hip subjects that makes Benetton seem cool by association. For example, the next issue is about "the sea and its relationship with human beings. Stories of dreams and exploitation, of freedom and confinement, of natural disasters and environmental protection", according to Fabrica.

The print version of the next issue -- and the last few too -- features AR, where readers can hold up the print issue to their webcam and see photos 'come alive' as video on their computer monitors. For the iPad version, embedded video will replace the AR functionality.

Those interviewed include Mingmar Sherpa, "a 36-year-old Nepalese translator, who was translating a passage in the Bible about the Apostle Paul's boat journey from Rome to Jerusalem when he realized that the Sherpa language had no word for ‘sea’, nor for any terms connected with the sea". Others include a Delhi-based fishmonger who's never seen the sea, and a 16-year-old South African girl who went to the sea to be baptized.