ArtRage 4 offers digital painting using Windows 8 multi-touch

Ambient Design has released ArtRage 4, an upgrade of its digital painting software for Mac and Windows (a version of which is also available for the iPad and iPhone). ArtRage 4 replaces both the standard and Studio versions of ArtRage.

ArtRage has long supported pen-based painting wtih different levels of pressure using graphics tablets from the likes of Wacom, but with ArtRage 4 Ambient Design has added multi-touch support for Windows 8-based laptop/tablet hybrids . ArtRage 4 allows rotation, scale, and movement of the canvas with two fingers – plus it can even understand simple multi-touch gestures with layers, selections, rulers, stencils, stickers and reference images.

Wacom stylus support has also been improved to support Pressure, Tilt, Barrel Rotation, and the Airbrush Wheel available on some Wacom Styluses.  ArtRage also recognizes individual styluses, allowing tools to be assigned to them for quick selection when they are brought back to the tablet.

Other new features include:

Paint Symmetry that Automatically mirrors strokes across the canvas as they are made by reflecting or rotating the path of the tool around a customisable central point.

The Toolbox Panel allows users to create a single interface panel to gather colors, presets, and other items that are relevant to the current painting.

Floating Views are windows that display viewports in to part or all of the canvas during painting. Scraps allow you to paint on independent, floating scraps of canvas that can be used like mixing palettes or test sheets.

The Workbench toolbar allows users to collapse the entire interface into a single toolbar with customizable space for tools required for the current painting.

The interface has been restructured and tweaked to improve workflow and clarity.

The new Fill Tool allows the creation of gradations and tiled pattern fills.

ArtRage 4 costs $49.90 (around £32).


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