Co-op's Easter egg promo site is an Apple parody

The Co-operative Food's ‘The New Easter’ digital campaign aims to highlight its ‘Loved by Us’ range of Easter eggs with a cutting edge website, as well as social media and digital advertising content, designed and delivered by Amaze.

Part of the the creative concept is a tongue in cheek homage to Apple, including an ‘eggspert bar’ and an interactive comparison of egg ‘models’ in the Co-op range.

Amaze approached the launch of The Co-operative’s Easter campaign by first exploring a number of digital campaign concepts, aligned with the food retailer’s strategic and commercial objectives.

The chosen route looked to promote the 'Easter Loved by Us' range of chocolate eggs through an engaging product story, based on the anatomy of the eggs and the care and attention given to their creation.

Early in the process, the creative team at Amaze looked at how best to present the uniquely visual products.

“We explored a number of photography and video led techniques, combined with scroll-based animations to illustrate the product story in a compelling nature,” explained Amaze creative director, Paul Normington. “The fully responsive layout of the site was prototyped first, with a low fidelity proof of concept - using rough positional photography and indicative copy. This proved to the client that the delivery of the final site was achievable within the timescale and budget constraints.”

Once approved, a small team of designers, copywriters and front-end developers worked closely to craft a solution, which would exhibit the unique nature of the products and create a playfully premium experience.

“The visual execution of the site was key to its success,” said Normington. “So to allow a light touch implementation the site was built on a minimal custom built Sass framework for layout and styling."

"The visual transitions made use of the Greensock tween engine used in the Superscrollorama library, combined with custom animations utilised through the TweenMax API.”

A dedicated photography shoot was commissioned and art directed by the team, making sure the quality and key features of each product were shown in the best possible way, spending time crafting 360-degree rotations and ingredient close ups.

“The objective for copywriting and user experience was to create a humorous and playful twist, parodying the approach taken by many technology companies when launching new products (see Apple, Microsoft, Samsung),” said Normington. “This allowed for some cheeky features such as; product comparison, Egg-spert consultancy and thickness specifications."

"We created a rich, full browser layout, which was purposefully kept clean and uncluttered – allowing the vibrancy of the Easter eggs to take centre stage,” said Normington. “The site has also launched to integrate with a campaign on The Co-operative’s social media channels, prompting users to engage with a ‘Secret Easter Egg Hunt’”

The Amaze team also felt compelled to throw in a digital Easter egg of their own making. Can you find it?

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