AllofUs and Work Club create a Kinect-powered interactive art installation in Schipol airport

Interactive design consultancy AllOfUs and marketing agency Work Club have created a Kinect-powered inactive art installation for whisky brand Ballantines's that's in action in Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.

The concept behind it is that airports strip passengers of their identity, their creativity, and processes them like a number – and the installation allows them to 'leave an impression'.

The whole experience is powered by Microsoft Kinect. Ambient visuals draw in passers by on large screens contained in 2.5m high pods. The installation then ‘reads’ the user’s entire body, including the clothing colour, motion, gesture and proximity to create an algorithmically generated reflection.

The user is then able to manipulate this version of themselves by moving. The user’s ‘Impression’ is captured and uploaded to a web gallery where they can share socially on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Ballantine’s LAI incorporates three 46-inch screens and bespoke photographic imaging software, using infrared and digital cameras. The software that generates the ‘Impressions’ was developed using the openFrameworks toolkit.

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