Adobe adds support for Retina-display iPad to DPS digital publishing suite (when approved by Apple)

In a post on its Digital Publishing Suite blog, Adobe has announced that magazines and other publications using its DPS publishing tool will be able to produce them at the 2,048 x 1,536 resolution of the new iPad (neé iPad 3, in our minds at least) soon.

Producing publications at this resolution requires their makers to resubmit their apps to the App Store as an updated release in the same way as if they make any changes to it aside from adding new issues. Before they can do this though, Adobe needs to get its Content Viewer app approved by Apple.

Content Viewer allows publishers to preview content when testing and proofing their apps and its content – and its underlying technology forms the basis of all DPS-created apps. Reading between the lines of the blog entry, Adobe seems to be saying that by putting the Content Viewer through the app approval process, it can check for technical problems that might prevent updates to publishers' apps from getting approved.

Adobe also notes that the increased power of the new iPad will make interactive experiences and video run more smoothly.

We still have questions about how DPS will deliver 'new-iPad'- and iPad/iPad2-resolution to the right devices, and how the new resolution will affect already hefty files sizes of DPS publications. We've put these questions to Adobe and will update this story when the company responds.

As for the other producers of digital publishing solutions, Mag+ has tweeted to us that it's actively working on a solution for the new iPad – and we expect more information soon. Quark and Aquafadas have yet to respond. Again, we'll update this story when they do.

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